This project was brought to life with the ambition to find a major problem in society, and convert it into a product that was capable of solving it. One of my biggest concerns with the world is in respect to sustainability. With that in mind, I chose the home kitchen to be my field of investigation.
After careful analysis and consideration, I arrived to the conclusion that the home kitchen is filled with various daily activities and that working on it could lead to a substantial impact in our regular living space and the world’s overall environment.
Following with the research, I identified the issue of bad management of residues in kitchens. Nowadays, Spain generates about 400 kg of waste per person per year, and a considerable part of this waste is produced in kitchens. This realization was the starting point of the project SPACE.
SPACE is a garbage bin for paper and plastic that has the clear objective to improve the administration of these materials in the kitchen. Its main characteristic is the compression of the residue, which considerably optimizes the transportation of the garbage disposal and the amount of space used in the kitchen. With sustainability as the soul of the project, I propose to eradicate the use of plastic bags for moving the materials, using the bin itself to discard the waste directly into the trash containers.
Human Centered Design
The conception of the product was specially designated to enhance the functionality and efficiency of garbage use and the product’s aesthetic. SPACE allows the possibility of possessing a bin that solves the waste management problem in an effective, sustainable, and elegant way.

2019, Final degree project.

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