Young industrial designer who aims to combine subjectivity and objectivity to develop disruptive products.

I am currently pursuing a master in product design @ ECAL.

Available for freelance // PRODUCT DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT


Is a repairable umbrella that drastically reduces the amount of parts (150∼ to 37) and components compared to the usual ones. Its construction is modular and user friendly to ease of repairing, it uses no springs, screws and glue. What means it can be quickly assembled and disassembled without special tools (using hands :).


Tatubola is a homage to one of the greatest Catalan Industrial Designers, André Ricard who designed the Tatu Lamp. This desk lamp brings an iconic aesthetic that enhances the beauty of the environment in which it is located.


Indirect light and iconic presence. Combines a modern language with contemporary needs and technology. The project aims to optimize its industrial processes and construction in the most coherent way with its function; that is, to create comfort and bring character to the environment.


As a response to a need to rethink the way we produce and consume consumer electronics, this conceptual product works as an electrical toothbrush and electric shaver. It uses the same engine and electronics to supply the two different accessories while optimizing space in the bathroom, resources and purchasing costs.


Is a garbage bin for paper and plastic that has the clear objective to improve the administration of these materials in the kitchen. Its main characteristic is the compression of the residue, which considerably optimizes the transportation of the garbage disposal and the amount of space used in the kitchen. With sustainability as the soul of the project, I propose to eradicate the use of plastic bags for moving the materials, using the bin itself to discard the waste directly into the trash containers.


The objective of this work was to create a product out of a pile of stainless steel garbage. The challenge was to end up with a functional  product that would be the best result possible considering all the constraints that the context brought.

Franco-Brazilian industrial designer, with experience in product development for the furniture and lightening industries. My aim is to apply sustainable principles and intelligent outcomes to everyday products, for an accessible yet better living environment.

After graduating in Barcelona in 2019 I worked at Santa & Cole, where I was responsible for the market release of several products, ranging from lighting to furniture and hight-end instruments. 

I am currently pursuing a Master in product design at ECAL, Switzerland, with the goal to combine my technical skills with the beforehand practice of design. 

Awards and Exibitions
2022, Selection “Premio Museu da Casa Brasileira” - Project Elipse
2021, Selection “Premio Museu da Casa Brasileira” - Project ReBorn
2021, Exibition “El mejor diseño del año” Museu del Disseny de Barcelona - Project Space
2020, Bronze Medal ADI Medalls - Project Space
2020, Publication “ADI Book 2020” AdiFad - Project Space
2020, Finalist Selection ADI Medalls - Project Space 
2019, Exibition Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair - Project Ritu

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